ACG Festiverse: DJ Time!

ACG Festiverse 2022 was a blast! A huge thanks to the event organizers for giving us the opportunity to shoot this skit! 😁

Also wanted to thank all the Genshin Impact cosplayers for doing this dance-off skit with Zhongli! NGL even without any practice, we pulled off some pretty sleek moves yo! 😅 I didn't get the chance to know most of you so if you do see yourself in the video, do comment below to let us which dancer are you 😁 Tiktok: Hoyolab link: Get Bob's Genshin merch at: Shopee - Redbubble - Recorded from: Canon EOS M50 Subscribe for more bobs ❤️ 🙃 🙃 🙃 ❤️


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