Anime Review - Kaguya-sama: Love is War!

Love is a deadly battle... and the loser? Whoever confesses first!

This is a story of two people who are locked into an epic struggle of romance and pride. Despite liking each other, Student Council President Shirogane Miyuki and Vice-president Shinomiya Kaguya absolutely refused to be the first to confess. 

Both of them are stubborn, prideful and enjoy teasing each other so much so they constantly engage in mind games and designed many 
ploys to get the other to confess their feelings.

Be it getting each other's ‘Line’ contact, seeing a movie or playing a simple game, these two find hilarious ways to turn such simple-everyday situations into a life-or-death battle all to win this deadly war of love!


Kaguya and Shinomiya

Shirogane Kaguya is the daughter of a wealthy conglomerate family. She is trained in the ways of high society. This results in her being sophisticated and refined but also naïve and sheltered. When it comes to the battle of love, she is sadistic and critical especially with her rivalry/love interest with Miyuki.

Shirogane Miyuki, on the other hand, is the top student at the school and always excels in his studies. He appears stoic and is highly principled in his duties as the school council president. He is often willful and tends to double-down in unfavorable situations to avoid losing face to Kaguya.

Chika being Chika

The other major key player in the show is Fujiwara Chika, the secretary of the student council. She is also the titular ‘third-wheel’ in the love battle serving as the neutral party, both aiding and sabotaging either sides’ efforts while remaining oblivious to the true situation happening throughout the anime. Chika is the element of chaos in this war of love! 

Animation and Music:

Love is War!

Kaguya-sama: Love is War was animated by A-1 Pictures, directed by Mamoru Hatakeyama and written by Yasuhiro Nakanishi.

As with every other project by A-1 Pictures, the animation on Kaguya-sama: Love is War is done 
quite well. One bonus key highlight is the song and dance performed by Chika in the ending, the entire scene was told to have 800 frames of hand-drawn animation done by just one person.

Final Thoughts:

This anime is an absolute tease to your everyday high school drama romance. When going into it, expect to be put on edge and wait in anticipation for either side to just properly confess and be left hanging. 

Each episode seems to be an anthology of shorter stories bringing to mind the anime’s serial manga roots. As such the pacing is off compared to other narrative anime as a 'Kaguya-sama: Love is War' episode typically has three arcs and three endings. Good as a light snack for your daily dose of anime entertainment, but not a solid meal to fulfill your hunger.

Still, it is interesting to see this jokey gag series about a love and war drama turning a slice of life comedy into a genuine romance-love story. This is a story of love, schemes and an all out war for a rival's confession. If you're into watching animes like Death Note and The Promised Neverland, this is definitely a good series to be added to your list. Overall, I would give this show a rating of 4/5 just because of how they portray a "Non-battle" battle anime into the Shoujo genre.

Written by KittyBoss


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