ACG Event - Comic Frontier: Comifuro 14 (Indonesia)

Highlights of Comic Frontier 14 (Comifuro 14) held at Balai Kartini, Jakarta on 22nd and 23rd February 2020

On our next bizarre adventure in discovering every Anime, Cosplay and Gaming convention from around the world, we came to the heart of Indonesia, located in the city of Central Jakarta where the roads are always jamming and the crowds are always moving. 

So what made Comic Frontier, a hidden gem for all Anime lovers around the world to visit without their loved ones finding out their journey over the past weekend? Well, we may have a few ideas as to what made this convention a very special one during our quest in visiting every ACG event around the world :D

1. The Crowd's Purpose

Just as the city is full of people bustling to their destination every day, Comifuro is just as true for every con-goer seeking to get their Doujin goods and anime merchandise within the span of 2 days.

In fact, this whole convention is purely to encourage the market for buying and selling fanart products as we did not see a single cosplay booth for cosplayers to sell their own merchandise. The majority of the crowd did not even cosplay when coming to the event as most of them came in with a mission to get their fanart products featuring their favorite anime characters and get out before the hall gets "flooded" with more humans!

The crowd of Comifuro 14!

At the very least, they did dedicate a hall space for the con-goers to rest up after obtaining their spoils-of-war. This "Bonfire" space also allows a few cosplayers to showcase their costume and for photographers to take pictures of them without getting swarmed by a wave of humans every few seconds.

A place to rest and chill

Sorry, we got no cosplay pictures to show in this article as we couldn't find any interesting ones throughout the event :(

2. The Stage

If you have been to many ACG events in Malaysia, normally you would see the stage being used for performances and popular guest meet. However, this is not the case for Comifuro as their stage invites many communities to showcase their digital creations such as virtual Youtubers, local Vocaloids, indie-games and many more! The organizers even allocated a session of the stage time for circles to form a panel discussion and talk about their favorite anime/ game series (similar to one of our belated ACG event: VAX)

Creators showing their new Virtual characters

3. Whatcha Selling?

The convention promotes any form of self-made works which allowed many circles to get creative on their displayed items for sale. Some groups took it one step further in creating a mascot for promoting their coffee while some showed off their photography skills by selling photoshoots of their Nendoroids

Cardfight Vanguard Doujin!
Get some Kopi from Coffee Nyaa!
Nendoroids photoshoots
Indonesia's Bizarre Adventure
Eel Dakimakura
Food booths

With so many Doujin booths occupying the event space, the hall could only squeeze in a few corporate booths nearby the entrance which allowed attendees to get some official merchandise while hunting for their favorite "Waifu" and "Husbando".

Surprisingly, this event is a good opportunity for companies to sell off their out-of-season products as the new year arrives. One of the exhibitor booths that caught our attention was this big anime figure company that decided to create a labyrinth of figurines near the stage.

Kyou Hobby Shop's labyrinth of anime figures :D

The whole maze is filled with loads of discounted products and anyone enters to look around will most likely come out holding at least 1-3 figures/ Nendoroids in their hands (Our admin could not resist the temptation and somehow came out with a Megumin Nendoroid XP)

Going into the maze... (Just wanna look around je, definitely NOT gonna spend anything)

Came out with a Megumin Nendoroid XD (WORTH IT!)

Overall, we could say this is a weekend well-spent on shopping around a mix of official and fan-made goods. The fan art products would obviously be much cheaper than the official merchandise. However, if you're not careful with your budgeting, you could easily rack up a huge hole in your wallet over the span of 2 days.

Aside from spending on one Konosuba Nendoroid, we managed to snatch up a healthy amount of Doujin from a few circles that got our eyes hooked on their creations. (links to their profiles are below this article)

Our Doujin Loot

After everything said and done, we would recommend con-goers to visit this convention at least once in your lifetime and see how long you can hold on to your cash while exploring the event hall in a single run :D You may like what you see and take the trip as a stop for window shopping one of Indonesia's biggest ACG event.

Comifuro is held twice a year (rumors has it that it's going to be held 3 times a year soon), so definitely lots of opportunities to catch this ACG con if you ever have some
 extra "dough" for a trip to Jakarta :)

Thank you Comifuro 14!

Written by AA


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