Anime Review - Dr. Stone

There's a ten billion percent chance that highschoolers can rebuild civilization! 

On a normal day like any other, all of humanity was suddenly petrified by a blinding flash of light. Slowly, the petrified lost consciousness to the void as civilization crumbles around them. 

Over 3,700 years later, fate should have it, high school student Taiju awakens to find himself in a world that has re-entered the Stone Age. 

He soon learns that his friend, the science-loving Senku has already been up for a few months. Senku isn’t just happy to survive in this new Stone Age as he has in mind to rebuild civilization through the power of science! 

World Setting:

With the world regressed to the Stone Age period, wild animals, lush forests, and dangers are everywhere. After much experimenting, the duo discovered a way to revive the petrified. While being hunted by wild lions, it made sense that our residence brain and brawn duo needed some extra muscles to help protect them. 

Said "muscle" is the martial artist Tsukasa. Though done out of desperation, the duo revived what would soon be the greatest threat to humanity.

A conflict of ideas leads to Senku's group forming a Kingdom of Science to restore civilization and uncover the mystery of their petrification while Tsukasa establishes an Empire of Might to create a new world free of technology where only pure-hearted youths are revived.


Realistic, logical, smart and practical. Senku is the titular title character of Dr. Stone. A genius despite only being in high school, he even managed to maintain consciousness throughout his petrification by counting every second that passed by until he is freed.  

He is able to think fast and often in out-of-the-box ways. He comes off as a bit of a mad scientist with his experimentation. With the help of his new found "human resource", His vast knowledge and inventiveness might just be enough to rebuild civilization.

Taiju is Senku’s straight-forward, enthusiastic, simple-minded friend. He functions as the laborer of the team and balances out Senku’s brains with his brawns. He acts as a support for Senku at times but at other also an unwitting foil. 

His simple way of thinking leads to many face-palm moments but his trust in his friend carries the group forward in the beginning of the plot. 

Tsukasa is touted as the strongest highschooler and is a veritable powerhouse. He has a distrust for the adults of society and bears a grudge against the uncaring and domineering side of humanity. He wants to only rebuild society with pure-hearted youths and the strong.

Animation and Music:

The series is animated by TMS Entertainment which is best known for producing franchises such as Lupin the 3rd, Detective Conan, Anpanman, Bakugan, D.Gray-man, and Sonic X. 

The first opening theme is "Good Morning World!" by Burnout Syndromes and the second opening theme is "Sangenshoku" done by Pelican Fanclub. The series' first ending theme is "Life" by Rude-α and the second ending theme is "Yume No Youna" by Saeki YouthK.

Final Thoughts:

The series is must-watch for science lovers, particularly those interested in chemistry, math and physics. the anime shows a lot of scientific elements and basic inventions that are references of factual experiments from our real world. 

The concept of rebuilding civilization from the Stone Age with modern knowledge is very thought-provoking and you can easily learn a lot of simple scientific knowledge just by watching the anime. 

Written by KittyBoss


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