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Tenki no Ko or (Weathering With You) is the new Makoto Shinkai film released this year and is set to be the successor to his previous hit film Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name) of 2016.

Tenki No Ko

The movie centers on Hodaka, a 1st-year high school run-away to Tokyo in search of a better life. Strangely, the weather is unusually gloomy and rainy every day in the big city. Then on a seemingly regular day, he meets Hina, a strong-willed girl who has the power to stop the rain and call out the sun.

Hina praying

Doing what every teenager would be expected to do in their situation, they make a business out of Hina’s ability to bring the sun on demand from anyone with a humble fee. The pair starts living an adventurous life in the big city at first but soon finds out that all power comes with a price as Hodaka’s past soon catches up to him, endangering their happy days.  


Hodaka is a pretty easy protagonist to like. Starting off as the typical ‘anime try-hard’ lead, his endearing nature lets you sympathize with him instantly. From the start, his circumstances are not kind to him, yet he never complains or even considers giving up. His determination and convictions are clear when the moment he sets out on his journey to Tokyo.

Food in anime always looks good!

Hina is juxtaposed to Hodaka. Even though both struggle to earn a living and survive in the big city, her situation wasn’t voluntary. She is left with the responsibility in taking care of her little brother which limits her ambition. Her place in the group is the most important as the weathering maiden but she always acts selflessly and independent.

World Setting:

World setting: Tokyo

It can be said that the producers of Tenki No Ko expects the same audiences from Kimi No Na Wa to watch it so much so they’ve put in some clever cameos from it's film successor.

Much like Kimi No Na Wa, the world and plot of Tenki No Ko is driven by a supernatural occurrence in the familiar world. Again the supernatural occurrence is linked to a myth in the Makoto Shinkai's cinematic universe. This time around, the myth revolves around a “weathering girl” that is said to appease the weather, bringing sunshine to the land of Japan which appears every few hundred years.

Music and Animation:

Animation of Tenki No Ko

The Japanese rock band Radwimps returns again for the soundtrack of Tenki No Ko and the music was refreshing as usual. After their iconic contributions to Kimi No Na Wa, it isn’t much surprise that they would reprise their role in enhancing the beauty of the scenery and the visuals of the movie. 

Audiences can expect many heart-racing scenes tied perfectly to the beat of the music.

Hodaka trying to catch Hina

Animation wise, the film is gorgeous and an absolute feast for the eyes. Shinkai seems to have taken note of how audience's appreciate Kimi No Na Wa’s epic scenery, particularly of sky shots. With Tenki No Ko raising the bar even further, the movie brings us into the hidden world of the sky.

Final Thoughts:

Yes, it’s a good movie, go see it. We loved it and can’t be any clearer on what an amazing experience watching it will be like.

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Written by KittyBoss

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  1. Esta es una pelicula que muestra como el amor verdadero acepta a la madre naturaleza, en un proceso lento pero seguro y en cierta medida hay consecuencias y hay que vivir con ellas pero al final todo esta bien, ya que esas cosas trajeron nuevas emociones y nueva vida a nuestro mundo regresando a su originalidad, la naturaleza puede dar miedo a veces pero al final nos muestra su verdadera belleza, y Hodaka tiene razón en algo, VAMOS A ESTAR BIEN!!!!🌦💧💑☂️🌱🌏🕊, El mundo de ambos protas se reinicio por así decirlo!!!


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