Anime Movie Review - Konosuba: Legend Of Crimson

Konosuba: Legend of Crimson is a Japanese animated fantasy Isekai comedic movie spin-off from the anime series of the same name and directed by Takaomi Kanasaki.

Kazuma and his adventuring party of misfits travel to Yunyun and Megumins’s home, the Crimson Demon village after hearing that the village is under attack by Sylvia, the chimera general of the Demon King. Her target is a top-secret anti-magic weapon that the villagers have been keeping safe.

But it turns out even a Demon King General and her horde of invading monsters aren’t much of a threat to a village of stupidly overpowered advance magic users.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t stop Kazuma and the gang from messing things up for everyone big time! 

World Setting:

The movie is adapted from the fifth volume of Konosuba series by Natsume Akatsuki, “Let's Go, Crimson Magic of Explosion!”

Konosuba is about a real-world high school boy, Kazuma, who dies and gets reborn in a fantasy magical world with the choice to have any item or power in his new life. 

He chooses a self-proclaimed goddess, Aqua to be the one thing to accompany him, only to learn that his companion is lazy, greedy and not all that powerful.

The pair eventually party up with Megumin, a wizard who can only perform one spell before passing out from exhaustion and Darkness (Lalatina), a masochistic knight who's too clumsy to actually hit anything.


Our favorite “perverted coward” Kazuma gets the usual treatment of being dumped on for his many mischievous behaviors. 

At the start of the movie, he is convinced that he is finally in his “popular phase” after Yunyun asks to have his baby which turns out to be a misunderstanding. 

This event doesn't dissuade him from that delusion throughout the movie, making his ‘scummy’ actions more pronounce. But it’s not as off-putting as he does get his comeuppance every time. 

The movie is really about Megumin’s story for the most part. The story takes place in her hometown and it focuses on her development and how her past made her to be one of the most lovable characters throughout the anime series.

After countless rebukes over her near-unless ‘Explosion magic’ and being exposed to her peers who are all naturally skilled advance magic users, our "Tsundere" arch wizard journeys to regain her confidence and her identity as “Arch Wizard, wielder of Explosion magic” and her ultimate goal to master Explosion magic.


The movie was developed by studio J.C.Staff, who has produced several other well-known anime series such as “Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma”, “A Certain Magical Index”, “Date A Live”, “Toradora!”, “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.” and “Maid Sama!” to name a few.

The movie’s animation flows in tune with the fast-paced and over-the-top exaggerations as expected of any comedy focused anime. Since magic is the emphasis of the movie, the magic casting is animated colorful, flashy, and bombastic throughout the film. 

Final Thoughts:

The movie is well worth the watch, even if you haven’t caught up to the events from the main series, the film is friendly enough to jump into without the needed knowledge from the anime. The movie establishes the characters’ dynamics early enough so audiences won’t be left too confused. 

According to Crunchyroll, the film has already made more than 510 Million Yen (US$4.7 Million) at the Japanese box office.

Konosuba is funny, entertaining, and ridiculous at times, but leaves one in a chuckling mood. With all that said, we recommend you to check out the trailer if this is the type Isekai comedic genre you're into! 

Written by KittyBoss


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