ACG Event - Comic World Taiwan 53

Highlights of CWT53 held at National Taiwan University on 14th & 15th December 2019.

CWT53 poster

Ever wondered what the Comiket culture would be like in Japan but couldn't experience it due to budget constraint?

We had the same problem XP 

So we decided to look into another country that embodies the Doujin shopping tradition and we found Taiwan! Almost similar to Japan's Comiket, Comic World Taiwan (Taipei) is held 3 times a year with the aim of promoting the fan art community throughout Taiwan together with the other two CWTs that are generally organized at Taichung and Kaohsiung! The event focuses on inviting various artists from around the world to showcase and sell their fan-art (Doujin) merchandise to the public locals. 

With the combined three states hosting at least 2-3 CWT annually, there are nine events you could easily visit throughout a year with an added bonus of having one of them being held at Hong Kong near the end of each year! This nurtures the development of Taiwan's creative art industry and helps many freelancing artists to enjoy their hobbies while earning a quick buck by exhibiting their Doujin creations.

CWT53 Day 1

The event is also a platform for many Taiwan mobile game companies to promote their titles through sponsorship. One of the most popular games to be showcased at CWT53 is Illusion Connect (Re: Connected) developed by Mamba Interactive Entertainment Co. Ltd. [曼巴互娛(MAMBA)].

Illusion Connect

With a venue of hosting over tens of thousands of visitors frequently, many Doujin groups begin to get a little clever in displaying their merchandise in order to maximize their space while gaining the most traffic awareness possible. 

Lio fan art

Especially Doujin groups that focuses their genre on selling "Yaoi" works. They'll take full advantage of the 2nd floor's ledge to display their masterpiece just for the world to see.

Yaoi fan art
Detective Conan fan art

We never expected Taiwan to have such a rich culture in creating Doujin merchandise. We think it has become a norm for every booth (even the basic tables) to display at least 1 "Yaoi" genre merchandise. Failure to have any "Yaoi" merchandise on your table shall bring DISHONOR to your whole family XP 

Deadpool's happiest day

In every ACG event, cosplayers is a must-see and CWT53 does not disappoint. Throughout both days, we met many women and men of culture that understood their characters pretty well enough to be able to show their costume in play while emulating their favorite characters' persona.

Reika Shimohira from Gantz: 0
Jolyne Kujo from Jojo Bizarre Adventure

K/DA Akali from League of Legends
Star Guardian Soraka from League of Legends

There are even cosplayers that would dedicate themselves in cosplaying their characters regardless of the weather being super cold during the winter season (You guys have our respect).

Galo Thymos from Promare
Inosuke from Kimetsu No Yaiba

Final Thoughts

Overall, Comic World Taiwan is a great alternate adventure for enjoying an ACG event with a "Comiket" feel to it. If you're planning to go there during December, you got yourself a Winter Comiket event in Taiwan!  
CWT53 Catalog Book

Written by Aizen


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