ACG Event - Comic Fiesta 2019

Malaysia’s longest and largest running ACG (Anime, Comics, and Games) convention; Comic Fiesta returns with an explosively crowd-filled weekend at KLCC.

Comic Fiesta 2019 Opening Ceremony
Comic Fiesta 2019 Attendees gathering at KLCC
Comic Fiesta 2019 in motion 
Comic Fiesta has been a familiar name to Malaysia’s booming anime, game-loving communities and has become a must-see event for illustrators, comic artists, cosplayers and fans throughout Southeast Asia.

Every year the convention brings a crowd of reportedly over 60,000 attendees invading the halls of the convention center.

60K Crowd at Comic Fiesta 2019
The convention host a myriad of attractions and activities for its attendees, one of these activities are the panel sessions featuring special guests of the anime and manga industry.

This year’s panel featured special guests from Japan:
- Rino Mizuho, the (mangaka) creator of the manga series “Shokura no Mahou” (Magic Chocolate) and for “Tako☆yaki Princess”.

Rino Mizuho Panel - represented by "Chocolat Aikawa" doll
- Kana Ueda (Seiyuu) voice actress best known for playing 'Rin Tohsaka' from the 'Fate' series and 'Hayate Yagami' in the "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" series.

Kana Ueda Panel - represented by "Rin Tohsaka"
It was unsurprising that many enthusiastic fans lined up for up to two hours to attend the panel sessions and see their “Senpai” up close. Unfortunately, any recording of the panels was not allowed. Sorry X(

You can check out our Special Guest Report on Kana Ueda here.

One of the biggest attractions of CF is the ‘Creative Art Market’ featuring a variety of talented artists showcasing and selling their creations.

Thousands visit the art booth area, eyeing on every merchandise thoroughly, finding their hidden gems to take home and treasure them as memories. It goes to show that appreciation for art isn’t lost even in this digital age.

Creative Art Market at Comic Fiesta 2019

Other notable highlights included stage performances by: 

- Kaoru Mori, the award-winning manga artist behind “Shirley", "Emma" and "A Bride’s Story” presented a special live-drawing session on stage, showing the intricacies of her line art and character sketching.

Kaoru Mori drawing "A Bride's Story"
- Monika Honda, voice actress best known for voicing 'Yuuko Aioi' from the slice-of-life anime "Nichijou", who came to support and promote the new game “No Straight Roads” by Malaysian game developer, Metronomik. Honda-san will be voice acting a character in the Japanese dub version of the game.

Monika Honda on stage promoting "No Straight Roads" game
For the even more hard-core cosplayers, CF always hosts an annual cosplay competition which features a solo skit ‘60 seconds of Anything’ that provides a platform for aspiring cosplayers to showcase their creativity and costume making skills.

Nao Naomie cosplaying Atago from Azur Lane at Comic Fiesta 2019
Luna Lorrain cosplaying as Mercy from Overwatch at Comic Fiesta 2019
Wing Su cosplaying as Alphonse from Full Metal Alchemist at Comic Fiesta 2019  
Aza Miyuko cosplaying as Tamamo from FGO at Comic Fiesta 2019
Teams compete in the ‘Cosplay Invitational’ where the best of eight competing teams are crowned as the winner in this all-star category. Ultimately it was Team EXCURRYBUN that won the grand prize.

Cosplay Invitational at Comic Fiesta 2019
The convention also hosts several gaming competitions including the "Super Smash Bros Ultimate", a first in CF and the "Pokémon Regional 2019". CF also played a host in E-sports tournaments for the games "Mobile Legends Bang Bang" and "Garena Free Fire". 

The "Creative Art Market" draws the lion’s share of the crowd and due to sheer volume of people, you’d have to keep moving, but not impossible to still be able to stop and shop if something catches your eye.

Fanart sold at Comic Fiesta 2019 featuring Xeph’s Artwork
The exhibitors often sell similar merchandise, so there are plenty of chances to grab something you may have missed out during your merchandising quest. At the end of the convention, they started getting competitive with discounts on many items. Thus we recommend to always start shopping for your Doujin merchandise from the end of the halls.

Merchandise at Comic Fiesta 2019
Merchandise at Comic Fiesta 2019
Cosplayers are found in abundance and it gives the unique opportunity to try dressing up as iconic characters from your favorite anime, games or comics. The community is generally supportive of anyone brave enough to dabble as It’s certainly not an everyday opportunity to do a “Naruto run” throughout KLCC.

Cosplayers among attendees at Comic Fiesta 2019
As always, CF ends its event with an exciting Night Jam session for each day, featuring artists from Japan and Malaysia. Special guests for the event feature, DJs of Exit Tunes Ryu☆, Kors k and D-YAMA with an ultra-special performance by Hige Driver. These night jam concerts are always worth staying back late. A nice way to wrap up the event on each day.

Night Jam session at Comic fiesta 2019
DJ Kors K during Night Jam session at Comic Fiesta 2019

Final Thoughts:

The convention is well worth attending once a year, despite the overwhelming crowd during the peak period. One has to be prepared to wade through a multiple-directional flow of human traffic, so traveling light with a bottle of deodorant is always recommended during ACG events like these. 

All in all, CF 2019 had some great guests and content throughout both days and we hope to see Comic Fiesta 2020 go beyond, plus ultra!

Comic Fiesta 2019

Written by KittyBoss


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