ACG Event: Level Up Play KL Malaysia 2019

Over the past weekend, many Malaysian gamers gathered in KLCC to witness some of the most exciting local games to be released! The ones that caught our attention was No Straight Roads coming onto the PS4 and we had the opportunity to try out their game booth and test out their gameplay! With the power of MUSIC, we were barely able to defeat one of their first bosses. The game brings out a "Dark Souls" friendly vibe as the boss battle requires you to listen to the rhythm of their music type in order to figure out the best move for counter attacking.

Another game that got one of our admins hooked on was Gigabash where players are put into a free-for-all city arena as "cute little monsters" with an objective to smash other player's monsters til kingdom come. Last one standing wins and our admin came out victorious through the strategy of "NIGEROU" while waiting for other monsters to beat the crap out of each other XD

Overall the convention was like our little "Tokyo Game Show" where many game companies and indie game makers were bought together to showcase their creation for our Malaysian audience. We enjoyed every bit of it and looked forward to an even bigger event next year as our government strives to develop our country's gaming community even further. 

Written by Aizen


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