Anime Review - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

“Whenever happiness is destroyed, there is always the smell of blood…”

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Rumors have always been whispered of man-eating demons lurking in the night with bloodthirsty and murderous intent. Only the legendary demon slayer corps has the power the defend humanity against them. Sadly some rumors are all too real.

Out on a simple errand ran, young Tanjiro’s world is shattered as he returns home to find his family slaughtered. Only his younger sister carries a shred of life in her, but desperate to rescue her, the horrifying truth is revealed, Nezuko is no longer human. Thus began Tanjiro’s journey to find a way in saving his demon-turned sister as a demon slayer himself.


Our main protagonist is Tanjiro, quoted by virtually everyone he meets as being very kind, a trait that conflicts often with his duties as a demon slayer. Though he empathizes toward the demons who he often viewed as victims themselves, it never stops his blade from putting an end to their carnage.

Being the oldest child, Tanjiro is very affectionate to Nezuko and his other siblings. His protectiveness and gentleness over Nezuko even in her demon-turned state is a calming sight in their dark situation. He also possesses an extreme heightened sense of smell that aids him in combat and this often allows him to sense incoming dangers before any battle begins.

The cast of demon slayer is expansive as any typical Shonen anime, however their designs and personalities are distinguishing enough to tell apart from our hero. Zenitsu is generally the crybaby coward and Inosuke can be seen as a boisterous loudmouth. These two demon slayers eventually became Tanjiro’s companions as they travel along their adventures. They get enough screen time and decent development despite being introduced into the story halfway through the season.

World Setting:

The demons of the world in Kimetsu No Yaiba are unfair opponents. Apart from their highly regenerative abilities and supernatural powers, they are more or less immortal. Only sunlight and decapitation by a demon slayer’s sword can kill them. Essentially they are “vampires” with “X-men mutant powers”.

On the other hand, the demon slayers uses sword techniques with special “breathing” style that heighten their strength and accelerate their bodies past normal boundaries, otherwise they are simply vulnerable.

Animation and Music: 

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Kimetsu No Yaiba was animated by studio Ufotable, the same studio responsible for the Fate/ Unlimited Blade Works and Fate/Zero. 

The animation quality, predicatively, is smooth and dynamic. Each fight and action is energizing and intense. They animated the flow of the sword techniques beautifully, showing the speed of motion and the weight of impact in each blow. The fights came alive on episode 19 in particular as it shows an animated swordplay masterpiece that should not be missed. Even the visuals of the opening featuring "Gurenge” by LiSA showcases top notch animation quality before each episode begins. 

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LiSA herself is a familiar name from many Shonen anime, known for dynamic opening themes such a Crossing Fields (Sword Art Online), Rising Hope (The Irregular at Magic High School) and Ash (Fate/Apocrypha).

The closing theme "From The Edge" by FictionJunction also featured LiSA on vocals.


For many anime fans of 2019, we could not get enough of more demon slaying action coming from Tanjiro’s party and we looked forward to their upcoming movie scheduled to release in the year of 2020 set to follow after the events of Season 1. 

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